Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Digital Dozen Does Brands-For Dummies

I really wanted to do posts this week that didn't involve words and that readers could identify by a quick glance.  I have not had much success but I think today's post is a keeper.  I turned in my room and looked at the bookcase and saw a few "how to" books for "dummies" and I knew that would work.  Look Familiar?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Digital Dozen Does Brands-Tampax

The brand theme was actually my pick.  I am regretting it now because I have no real inspiration this week but the reason I started it was because of a post I saw on Instagram where someone was inspired by a tampon box.  I was inspired by one also,  specifically the colors.  This is using white as a base and it is topped with the green and blue from the new OPI tints.  I am totally in love with these and will be using them again very soon for some additional nail art.  It's like using watercolors.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Digital Dozen Does Brands-Pringles

I love potato chips.  All time favorite food ever.  The controller at my job, who has an office right next to me, keeps a family size bag in her office all the time.  If they were in my office, I would eat the whole thing for lunch.  One of my favorites, even though I try to stay away from them because they always make me sick, are Pringles.  I tried to recreate the chips here on my nails using some textured polish and sponging on some other colors.  The accent is the character that you always find on the cans.....