Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A-England Water Marble

Back in January I ordered from A-England. They were having a sale and I finally broke down and ordered a bunch. Unfortunately Royal Mail decided they would crack down on polish shipment at the same time. I knew that some orders had made it through and I figured mine probably didn't. I waited a month before I contacted them because I knew the answer would be something I didn't want to hear but I was avoiding it. When I finally contacted them, they told me my order had been destroyed and they reimbursed me the full amount. Amazing customer service!!  I can't imagine how much they lost in merchandise but they covered everything. I was so sad because I am in love with these polishes and they make a fantastic water marble......


Friday, April 26, 2013

Nail Challenge Collaborative-Pastel Hairspray Marble

My friend Alyson has tried for a while now to convince me to use Instagram.  I had started an account at the same time that I started blogging because I wanted to get the same name as my blog.  I originally thought I would become this big blogger using multiple social media sites.  I soon realized that wasn't in the cards for me.  I would like to say it's because I am so busy but the truth is that I would prefer to spend my time doing nail art and unique layering than simply spending my time taking dozens of pictures of plain polish.

When I came home from the hospital, I realized my recover would be slower than I had hoped and I had time on my hands.  I didn't have the ability to sit up for long enough time periods to do any great nail art so I took to Instagram.  Alyson was right......it is addicting.  If you are interested you can follow me @creativenaildesignbysue.  I have been posting simple designs that are not included here on the blog.  If you are into nail art and post on Instagram, leave your handle in the comments and I would be happy to follow you.

Instagram has introduced me to a variety of new nail art techniques.  I recently learned about quilted nails which I will be showing you soon.  And, today I learned about a unique technique of water marbling using hairspray.  That's right.....hairspray.  Check out @amkuch15.  She is amazingly talented and super creative.  She came up with a twist to traditional water marbling that makes it easier for anyone who just can't get the technique down.  I decided to give it a try.  I used Cult Nails My Kind Of Kool Aid and did a marble using OPI Sanderella.  Amazing....take a look.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally something to compare to Enchanted Polish

I have only been into polish for a little over a year.  Early on, I became interested in Indie Polishes for their unique qualities that differentiated them from Mainstream lines.  One of my early favorites was Enchanted.  I love every polish I ever purchased and always received great customer service.  I was lucky enough to purchase some of the most highly coveted polishes today, Awesomeness, Sour Patch Kid, Gummy Worm.  They take up a whole row on my polish rack and I love them.  Today, however, I am no longer buying them.  It isn't because I don't love the polishes.  I think Chelsea is very talented and creates beautiful things.  It has just become so difficult to survive the restocks and it makes the process unpleasant for me. 

Thankfully there are a dozen other Indie suppliers that I have come to love for their talent and customer service as well.  Amy from Amy's Nail Boutique is one of them.  When I saw her new holo polishes listed on her Etsy store, I decided to test the waters with two.  Here is what I found......

The first polish is called Electric Eel.  I'm a sucker for a green holo.  When it came I thought it looked familiar so I swatched it on a nail wheel.  Have a look....

On the left is Enchanted's Gummy Worm and right is Amy's Nail Boutique Electric Eel.  Two coats of each.  Gummy Worm looks a tad greener.  Until you put them on real nails.  Take a peek......

Gummy Worm is on Pinky and Middle.  Electric Eel is on ring and index.  Dead on dupes.  The only difference is that Electric Eel has a natural shine and Gummy Worm has a flatter finish.
Amazingly, when I tried the second polish, Purple Prism for Amy's Nail Boutique, the opposite happened.  Swatched on a nail wheel, Enchanted Awesomeness on the left and Purple Prism on the right.  They are clear dupes.  I could not tell the difference except, again, the shinier finish on Amy's.

But on the nail, Amy's Purple Prism leans slightly more red but equally holo.

Awesomeness is on index and ring fingers and Purple Prism is on middle and pinky.
So what is the verdict?  I will be ordering a few more holos from Amy's Nail Boutique today because I love them.  She has a few new colors, red, teal and hot pink.  You can keep up with her latest creations by following her on facebook.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Nail Challenge Collaborative-Pastels in Sand

So my surgery is over and I am at the point where I feel OK to use the laptop to get some posts up.  I am hoping to be back to work in another week but that still gives me some time to paint nails and post since I am stuck in bed with short walks in between.  Here is a simple design using OPI Solitaire as the base.  This is one of the Bond Girls Sand Collection.  I am not into white polish unless it is a base for nail art but this is really pretty.  I used some random cheap nail art polishes in some pastels for the nail art.  I have one more post to go for this month and then we move on to stamping.  Just in time for all my new stamping plates.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week-Garfield and Odie

Once I got on the cartoon character theme, I just couldn't resist finishing out the week with one.  Here is Garfield and Odie on a base of ManGlaze Butt Taco. If you don't already own this....you should!!!  It is amazing matte but it is SPECTACULAR with a top coat.  It brings out all of this hidden shimmer. You really should own all of ManGlaze's polishes or you are really missing out.  Anyway, this was a great week and it turned out to be a theme I really enjoyed.  So.....what's on the agenda for next month?  You will have to stay tuned to find out.



Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week-Kitty

Ohhh, Illamasqua how I love you so!!!  My first Illamasquas were the rubber collection.  I hated them and completed disregarded the brand from then on.  When Sephora had the clearance, I bought a bunch and I am hooked for life.  The formula is amazing.  I am in love with every color I have used so far.  But Jo'Mina....AMAZING!!! What else can I say?  This is Jo'Mina as the base and I sponged on China Glaze Grape Juice lightly for some depth and sparkle. I added a little butterfly on the kitty cat's nose.  It makes me feel like spring.

Digital Dozen Does Animal Week-Mickey Mouse

I've been waiting to use this polish by Mentality for quite awhile now.  The base color is Butter London Pillar Box Red.  I have to say, I was disappointed because it is really more jelly-like than crème.  I used two coats and then added one of Mentality Belligerent which is a matte glitter of red, black and white.  Perfect compliment for Mickey....don't you think?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Animal Week-Piglet Gradient

After I did this gradient for my other challenge group, I was amazed at how well it stayed on.  Days later, it as in perfect condition and required no touch ups.  I decided to use it as a base for the next animal themed manicure and felt it made a nice background for piglet. My hands were a bit shaky here and so it didn't come out as well as I had hoped but I think its still recognizable and cute.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Anima Week-Bugs Bunny

Since I have been unable to work out do to this back injury, I have had more time to try and do some detailed nail art.  The timing was good for this challenge because I was able to get all my posts done a week ahead and take my time.  I also got the chance to wear some of them to work so that I could show them off.  This is Zoya Arizona with some sponged on ManGlaze Butt Taco and Mayo for the carrots.  Bugs is painted over Zoya Jacqueline.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

NCC Pastel Gradient

Just a quick post to show you a simple gradient.  My Facebook group, The Nail Challenge Collaborative will be posting four pastel designs this month.  The first was our anniversary celebration since we have been doing nail art challenges for one year.  This one is a gradient I decided to try with some of my new Illamasquas.  I bought so many at once, I was dying to try them all right away so I figured this was a great way to try two at once.  This is a base of Milani White On Spot topped with Illamasqua Milf and Jo'Mina.  The white base really lightened the two colors up from what they look like on their own.  I added a flower with a rhinestone in hopes that spring might actually arrive here.....sooner than later.


Friday, April 5, 2013

Nail Challenge Collaborative Anniversary Post

I started blogging a little over a year ago and during that time, I started following a ton of other nail blogs.  I saw a post about a group on Face book that was doing a nail art challenge so I decided to sign up.  We did a variety of different seasonal themes and continued throughout the year.  The group officially changed the name to The Nail Challenge Collaborative this year and we have agreed to continue on this year with a variety of new themes.  I have gotten to know some of these ladies pretty well and I love that it is a supportive environment and everyone is appreciative of the creative work of all of the other participants.  This months theme is pastels and we agreed to post today because it is the official yearly anniversary of the group.  I have a simple dotticure to share with Illamasqua Milf and Jo'Mina as the base.  Hope you enjoy.....