Saturday, April 20, 2013

Finally something to compare to Enchanted Polish

I have only been into polish for a little over a year.  Early on, I became interested in Indie Polishes for their unique qualities that differentiated them from Mainstream lines.  One of my early favorites was Enchanted.  I love every polish I ever purchased and always received great customer service.  I was lucky enough to purchase some of the most highly coveted polishes today, Awesomeness, Sour Patch Kid, Gummy Worm.  They take up a whole row on my polish rack and I love them.  Today, however, I am no longer buying them.  It isn't because I don't love the polishes.  I think Chelsea is very talented and creates beautiful things.  It has just become so difficult to survive the restocks and it makes the process unpleasant for me. 

Thankfully there are a dozen other Indie suppliers that I have come to love for their talent and customer service as well.  Amy from Amy's Nail Boutique is one of them.  When I saw her new holo polishes listed on her Etsy store, I decided to test the waters with two.  Here is what I found......

The first polish is called Electric Eel.  I'm a sucker for a green holo.  When it came I thought it looked familiar so I swatched it on a nail wheel.  Have a look....

On the left is Enchanted's Gummy Worm and right is Amy's Nail Boutique Electric Eel.  Two coats of each.  Gummy Worm looks a tad greener.  Until you put them on real nails.  Take a peek......

Gummy Worm is on Pinky and Middle.  Electric Eel is on ring and index.  Dead on dupes.  The only difference is that Electric Eel has a natural shine and Gummy Worm has a flatter finish.
Amazingly, when I tried the second polish, Purple Prism for Amy's Nail Boutique, the opposite happened.  Swatched on a nail wheel, Enchanted Awesomeness on the left and Purple Prism on the right.  They are clear dupes.  I could not tell the difference except, again, the shinier finish on Amy's.

But on the nail, Amy's Purple Prism leans slightly more red but equally holo.

Awesomeness is on index and ring fingers and Purple Prism is on middle and pinky.
So what is the verdict?  I will be ordering a few more holos from Amy's Nail Boutique today because I love them.  She has a few new colors, red, teal and hot pink.  You can keep up with her latest creations by following her on facebook.


  1. Yes! I agree! Amy was one of my very first indie purchases and she is so sweet and talented! Her polishes are fantastic!

  2. Haven't tried any of her polishes, but these two are so pretty! Will have to look into her shop!

  3. What an honor to see my polishes compared to Enchanted! Thank you so much, Sue!

  4. How awesome that you found it! Don't own any Enchanted Polish but its nice to know there's something comparable to some of its colors :)