Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sheswai Lacquer Fuckyeah

I didn't create the name but I do love the risk Sheswai took putting out this limited edition polish.  You can still purchase it on their website but it has been renamed Hot Damn.  Another great name for an amazingly showy polish.  It is simply gorgeous and I got more compliments on this color.  It is a crelly in my opinion (part jelly and part creme).  I used two coats here with no top coat.

I added a picture so you can see the label.  Sorry to my young readers and to any others that are offended by the name.  This will be used quite a bit and I may even get a back up bottle (which I rarely do) because it is worth it.


  1. That is pretty risky! Great color though!

  2. It's a very pretty color, bright and bold - maybe that's why they chose the name LOL

  3. Two coats coverage is pretty good for a crelly. It's pretty!