Friday, January 17, 2014

The Digital Dozen Does Monochrome Glitterball

Last year when Sephora was getting rid of all their old polish collection Sephora by OPI, I bought out the store.  Like with most sales, I just went a little nuts.  They were just so cheap I couldn't resist them.  Now I am regretting this decision a bit.  I have been opening up the seals little by little and testing them out.  I am finding that I love the colors but I hate the formula.  For this manicure I needed to use four coats of each.  FOUR!!!  I can't even stand a three coater.  For that reason, I am not telling you the names because they will not last in my collection through the next purge.  I added some loose glitter here.  The glitter mix varied in that some pieces were more opaque than others and that gave it an amazing finish in the light.