Monday, June 9, 2014

Digital Dozen Does Metals-Chrome Tips

I'm back after a few month sabbatical.  I had a lot of trouble maintaining my nail length.  I had problems with peeling and breaking nails and I tried everything to fix it but finally gave up hope.  Then over the past month, they have grown the way they used to and I was amazed.  A friend at work said that it was related to the anesthesia that I had for my back surgery.  I thought she was crazy but now I am not so sure because it took that long for my nails to grow out completely and the timing just makes sense.  Anyway, back to my Digital Dozen group with a theme from hell.  Metals????  I am struggling with this one. Here you have OPI Dim Sum Plum with OPI Push And Shove.  I am excited to find a way to wear Push And Shove since my nails have way to many imperfections to wear it on it's own.  It is gorgeous...