Wednesday, February 29, 2012

High Voltage Hearts

OK, so I couldn't make it to the weekend.  I finally got in my newest Gelish color and I am obsessed with it.  AMAZING color.  The only thing that makes me sad is that the pictures (despite multiple attempts) do NOT do the color justice.  It just makes it look very one demensional and flat.  It has a tremendous amount of sparkle and is so much brighter in person.  I highly recommend it for the Gelish, or even just plain "gel" users. Here is a picture from the gelish Website that shows a sample of the color.
So, I used Gelish base coat, applied two coats of the color which is called High Voltage and then a top coat.  Once I eliminated the sticky surface, I was ready to add on.  I have to say, I like variety but I think I loved the color so mush of the pink that it really can be worn with nothing extra.  It is really just amazing on it's own.  For me, however, I wanted a little extra something.  So, I used Konad Special in black and freehanded french tips.  You can easily use a french manicure guide or tape if you needed to right over the top of the Gelish top coat without doing any damage.  After it had time to dry, I used Konad's special in white and stamping plate BM03 to make the heart.  I love the final product.

Unfortunately, right now, my camera is not working so I am forced to use the iphone to take the pictures.  I usually can't say enough about the iphone but it just doesn't hold a candle to my regular camera.  For now, I will just have to make due.  I just love the overall look here and it will make me sad to change it out this weekend. I'll really have to think of something great to replace it.  One more design before St. Patrick's Day!!!  Until then.....happy nail design......!!!

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