Saturday, March 3, 2012

Purple Lace

For the past year, when I have painted my nails, I have always used gel polish.  It takes longer and there are not as many color choices but I feel like you can add to the basic colors and make it more interesting.  Today, however, I was just dying to try this new color I bought on impulse by Finger Paints called Purple Palette.  It took three coats to get it on thick enough to cover but dried pretty quick.  I topped it off with a stamp in konad special white using plate m57.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time for a top coat.  The result, it already started to chip by the time I returned from the gym.  This is why many regular polishes get me frustrated.  It takes alot of time to get everything ready, wait for it to dry and then spice it up with some added touches.  To have it chip within hours makes me sad.  Anyway, my fault, should have done the top coat.  Also, it would have made it less rough in appearance.

Now, if only I could get Gelish to produce this color in their next release.  I wish.  Reminds me alot of the the Gelish High Voltage I did last week.  

I have plans to redo them tomorrow.  I have a busy week and some importnt meetings.  The kind of meetings were I need to maintain some semblance of professionalism.  So I have to have a somewhat conservative design.  Until then, happy nail design....

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