Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring dots

OK, Angry Birds were a hit but I found myself trying to keep them hidden at some points throughout the day.  Like when I met with the auditors for the first time.  They come in all in black with nautral nails and very conservative hair and makeup.  Angry Birds just seemed out of place.  I planned on doing a new design but wasn't sure what to do.  Didn't have alot of time tonight because I got home late and have to prepare music for a spin class in the AM (5:45 AM to be exact).  My mom wanted spring so I did something simple.
The only things that are bugging me are that the yellow looks much more pastel in person than in this picture.  It almost looks mustard here but it isn't.  And, for some reason, the pink ran a bit during the top coat.  Other than that, I am really hapy with the outcome.  I am not going to list out the brands and colors because I don't have much time but if anyone wants to know, just ask.

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