Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dragonflies for spring

Thought I was done for the week but today is my birthday and my friends got me a great gift package....It was a great surprise considering neither of them have worn nail polish since they were kids. They gave it to me at work and I just spent the day wondering what I could make with it.

Even though the temperature has dropped significantly, those few weeks of mild weather make me feel like spring.  So, I decided to continue with that theme.  I LOVED the dragonflies and the colors were bright which always appeals to me.  

I am still wearing the same base and top coat by Gelish that I started with when I did Angry Birds.  It only has a small chip in one corner that is not even noticeable.  Love that you can remove the color with non-acetone remover and just keep changing things up.  It has made my nails really strong and they are the longest I can ever remember them being.  Not ready to cut them yet.  Anyway, I love the outcome.  Hopefully it will last until the weekend.  The blue base is called Totally Teal and the green dots are done with Art Club's Mint Striper.

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