Saturday, March 17, 2012

Music themed nails

I was kind of sad to see my shamrocks go but one of my nails started to lift and it was time to take the polish off before I had one naked nail and a bunch of shamrocks.  I have been miserable and sick with some kind of upper respiratory infection.  I am so sick of a sore throat, I can't stand it anymore.  Ever since I got the stamp from Konad that had the piano keys and music notes, I knew I wanted to do something with it.  The problem was that I prefer darker colors generally and didn't really want to do white.  Then I found a picture on Pinterest and thought...YES.  It was a photo of a design done by  Unfortunately I can't get you right to the picture because the person must have saved it to their computer or phone and pinned it.  There was no link.  Fortunately there was a watermark.  Up until now I didn't think I cared about watermarks because I don't care who uses the pictures, they are not that great anyway but I can see now why it may be useful.  Anyway, despite trying, I couldn't locate the picture on her website.  if anyone can find it, let me know.  She uses Red and White. 

So I got another couple colors in the mail yesterday.  After the last post with the retired collection from Gelish, I decided tht I wanted to see what the others were about.  I found on Amazon Izzy Wizzy, Let's Get Busy and thought it looked good.  The reviews, however, were not so good.  They said it was really thin and not what the pictures depicted.  I did read one review that said it was awesome as a top coat and one person said she paired it wih Plum and Done and loved the colors together.  I figured...let's give it a try.  The result was good. I can't say I love the polish but I do like it.  Gives a nice deep layered look and , of course, it sparkles.  Once again, forgot to take a picture of the picture pre-stamping.  Next time....maybe.
I used Konad white and scotch tape to make the thin white section down the accent nail.  This formed a great base and gave the appearance of having a piano on top of the nail.  I used Konad white and black for stamping the piano and music notes on m73.  Unfortunately, my nails are too fat to just use one roll of the applicator.  It took more then one application for each nail and lining them up was kind of a pain.  Overall, it is cute and I like it.

My only problem, and if anyone knows how to fix this, I would love the help.  Every time I go to apply a clearcoat on top, it smudges.  Even if I let the base dry overnight and work qickly.  Any ideas??


  1. It might be the topcoat you're using. Try a different one! I like Seche Vite but it can get thick after you have used half the bottle. Some people don't like having to deal with it. Hope this helps!

  2. I am going to order the Seche Vite. I have seen alot of people mention that they use it. Maybe it gets thick because it dries so quickly? Anyway, I appreciate the help. I hate to spend so much time on something and have it be smeared at the very end.