Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Into Autumn Challenge-Back To School

I'm gonna do it.  I really don't want to because I am just in such a horrible place in life right now but I have really enjoyed blogging and this whole community so much and the challenges have always been my favorite part because I love nail art.  Several people have convinced me that this will be a needed diversion and I am reluctantly willing.  I am not, however, feeling very inspired so you may not be all that impressed by the outcomes.  I am going to try a different approach and pay homage to many of those in the blogging world that I admire so much.  Today's was a no brainer.  If you don't follow The Daily Nail, and you like nail art, you are wasting your time in blogosphere.  She has done pencil nails that are amazing.  Here is a link to her tutorial.  I didn't use the tutorial itself but I used her concept as a guideline.  Here is the outcome....

I am participating with the same group of amazingly funny and kind women (and some new ones) that did the April Showers Bring May Flowers Challenge and The Lazy Days of Summer Challenge.  Here is a list of them and where you can see their work:

Stephanie from A Little Polish
Hannah from Polished Prisms
Katee from A Girl and Her Polish
Ashley from One Nail To Another
Karine from Karinea0a
Johanna from Neues vom Kellerkind
Charlotte from Charlottes-Nails
Alyson from Beads. Nails. Food.
Sharra from The Blahg
Maribeth from Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite
Becky from Glam Fiend


  1. Every time I see this design I love it! So glad you're doing this challenge with us! Xoxo!

  2. Well done - I'm looking forward to seeing all your other outcomes :)

  3. Hahaha, this is so cool, very fun idea and well painted :)

  4. I love the matte eraser tip! And thanks for including me in your list at the end, I really appreciate it <3

  5. wow I have seen this but yours looks so real!