Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fall Into Autumn Challenge-Cloudy Days

I did this manicure three times and I just could not get satisfied with the outcome. I will show my fails at the end of the post for you to see.  This is evidence of how I have lost my creative inspiration. When I went to do the third try, I had the best inspiration.  A fellow member of an online nail group full of amazing and wonderful women had a recent family tragedy in her life.  We all agreed to pull together and do a manicure for her to show our support.  The theme was birds and I thought....birds in the sky....simple but beautiful.

This is Zoya Jo as a base and I stamped using Milani White On The Spot with BM-222.  Then I free handed a flock of birds.  At the end, I added a coat of CG Fairy Dust to add some light rain.

So, here is a peak at what I tried first.....

This was Essie Lilicism with the same stamp and hot air balloons......

 And, this was also Zoya Jo with the same stamp but I used a Jade Holo to stamp.

I just couldn't be happy with either so I scraped them.  I didn't even edit and watermark.


  1. I like your final mani the best. The birds are lovely!

  2. Love it =D The holo clouds are cool but they weren't quite in your face enough. I like what you settled on =)

  3. I love this, so pretty and delicate :)

  4. Your final mani is so awesome! I love the birds, and what a sweet show of support.