Saturday, December 1, 2012

Let It Snow Challenge-Snowflakes

I think snowflakes are a great place to start for the Let It Snow Challenge.  I am continuing on with the same group of individuals.  We have lost a few and gained a few along the way but overall, it is an incredibly talented bunch.  We are going to do weekly posts throughout the Winter months.  The group was named The Nail Challenge Collaborative so we didn't have to continue to change our facebook group name.  I'm excited to start.  I decided to go big since I am behind on my posts.  I have added to my snowflake design a snowman and some icicles.  Hope you like it.

Here are the challenge items you will be seeing over the coming months...... cohorts......



  1. Gah, I'm late again! ^^;
    But your mani is awesome! It looks soooo frosty! Just how I feel right now with my hands turning into icicles... Very pretty mani!

  2. It's very sweet and captures the feeling of a snowy day so well.

  3. This is s pretty, I love how delicate the snowflakes are :)

  4. I love the snowman!! And how delicate the snowflakes look!