Saturday, November 9, 2013

OPI Emotions Swatch

The Digital Dozen week is coming up starting on Monday and we have a Black and White theme in store for you.  So, I spent the last week playing with all of my black and white polishes.  What I learned is that OPI Emotions from the Mariah Carey Holiday Collection is my new favorite black.  I ended up using it only in one manicure and in a very subtle manner for the upcoming week but I decided to wear it alone this week because I loved it so much.  I am really into these textured polishes.  This is two quick coats, it has a gorgeous reflective shine from the black glitter and it wore like iron for four days.  No problem with removal.


  1. I love textures too!! this one is no exception =)

  2. I love this black polish by OPI! It's one of my new favourites at the moment too :)

  3. i also love emotions. it seemed to get a less than great reception, but i am a huge fan!