Sunday, June 10, 2012

Color Club Fashion Addict

First, if you have not already, register for my giveaway of the Orly Flash Glam FX Collection.  OK, now that that's out of the way.  Here is a quick post of Color Club Fasion Addict.

I saw a swatch of this a month ago and dropped it on my wishlist.  I am glad I got it.  i am always happy with the application of Color Club polishes and this one was no different.  Also, the polish stayed on with NO chipping for nearly three days.  That has to be a record for me and a holo.  Here is another pic in the sun a little blurry.

So pretty.  I am in love.....

Sadly, vacation is over and I am back to work tomorrow.  Thanks for all the positive feedback on my guest post from yesterday.  I was happy to share with everyone my other strange hobby and was glad to see it was appreciated.  I am also back to the gym tomorrow.  Some of you already know that I teach group fitness but have not been able to because I had a recent back injury.  Have to work my way back into shape.  Hope eveyone has a great week.  


  1. i'm only wondering how come i don't have this polish ;-D

  2. I love that color. I'm going to have to try color club one of these days.

  3. The first time I saw a swatch of this I went and bought it! Love it so much! Beautiful :)

  4. Man I really need some Color Club polishes. This looks so pretty!

  5. I have two of these and absolutely AFORE it! Such a beautiful mani and nice pictures too! My holos always chip prematurely too, but they're totally worth it lol.