Monday, June 18, 2012

KKCenterHk zipper water decals and indie haul

I showed you my first water decals from KKCenterHk over the weekend.  Loved them.  Made me think of chocolate all day.  The reason I ever visited the store in the first place was because I saw this design done by Copy That, Copy Cat.  I just loved it.  I wanted to recreate it.  it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be, lining up the polish with the decals.  The result was just sooooo cool.

As you can see, they give you several different variations and sizes to play around with.

The polish is Sail Away by Milani.  It is a little shiny but the denim color is really dead on.

Now, onto other exciting things,,,,,,second indie nail haul exibited below....

From F4-Bubble Yum, S'mores, Glamorous, Hawaiian Punch, Pink Penguin, Iceburg, Piper, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainforest, Pink Salmon.
From Whimsical Ideas by Pam-Seuss, Kismet's Pajamas
From Utopia's Polish-Gum Drops, USA, Purple Pop, Mermaid's Tail.

I can't wait to try them all on!!!!!!  However, I will be busy.  Starting tomorrow, I am participating in THREE summer challenges.  Very excited.

Lastly, only 5 more days to enter in my giveaway and vote for your favorite blogger.  Check it out here.


  1. That looks SO awesome. I've got a stamping kit coming from KKCenter. Can't wait ! x

  2. The decals look really cool! Still drooling over your haul! :)

  3. Awesome. I love the decals...and I love your haul. Good luck for the summer challenges. Can't wait to see what designs you come up with :-)

  4. Another perfect mani!! You are going to have to stop teasing me, MISS PERFECTION!!

  5. Those zippers are too freaking cool! I got F4 Rainforest this week too. Isn't it gorgeous?!

  6. Love the zippers, so awesome. You will love the Utopia's Polishes, that is one of my favorite indie stores!