Thursday, June 14, 2012

Utopia's Polish USA swatch

I went a bit nuts with Indie polishes recently.  I never knew they existed.  Now that I credit card has been burnin' up.  I am super in love with the designs of Virginia at Utopia's Polish.  Such cute polishes, I had a hard time picking.  She was very, very nice to do business with and shipped quickly.  This is the first of several polishes I will be showing you.  It is called USA.  I love all the patriotic glitter polishes in the indie shops but this one just stood out to me and was a bit different.  I layered it over Zoya Tallulah.  The blue glitters don't show up on camera well but they are slightly off the blue base and shined so you could pick them up better in person.

Now, here is the amazing part, it is only one coat.  Seriously???  No fishing for glitters???  No placing them on the nail strategically????  NOPE!!!  Perfect coverage, one coat.  I got tons of compliments and couldn't stop staring at my nails.  You can find Virginia's gorgeous creations at her Etsy shop.

I really need to get cracking if I am going to show these indie polishes before my summer challenges begin.  I am committed to possibly 3....

Oh, and before I forget, enter my giveaway here.  You can win the Orly flash glam fx collection.  the responses I am getting are fantastic.  Some will be expected but some will be surprises.  Looking forward to posting all of the results.  


  1. Wow, that's great for one coat! You got all the pretty glitters! Love it! :)

  2. Love it. I can see even the blue glitter.

  3. love it! i love all that glitter

  4. Wow! Such a pretty color. Can't believe that's only one coat. What summer challenges are you participating in? I'd love to do one.

    1. E-mail me and I can fill you in on them.

  5. I can see those sneaky blue ones! This is such a great glitter, definitely going on my list of indie shops when I am free of this no-buy curse. Or the husband guy forgets about it, whichever happens first.

  6. I really love that mani. It's so fresh and summery x