Saturday, August 25, 2012

Candy Lacquer Purple Argyle

Here is one of my first Candy Lacquers.  I loved Argyle when I first saw it and planned on getting it but when I saw Purple Argyle I knew that would be the one instead.  I layered it over one coat of Revlon Charming. 

This is two coats of Purple Argyle.  No problem getting out the glitters but they wanted to stick to each other and overlap and so it took a bit of playing around to separate them from one another.

I love how they remind me of a pretty winter sweater when the glitters turn just the right way.

This is a mix of diamond purple silver holo and black glitter and white, silver holo and black bars glitter along with tiny holographic specks.
Here is a botttle shot.....

You can buy Candy Lacquer on Etsy.



  1. These look fantastic together!

  2. What a pretty layering, the glitter is awesome!

  3. I love it, definitely need to snag a bottle myself!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVe this!!! I just checked and she is all out of this for now. Hopefully next time she restocks I can get my hands on a bottle!!