Tuesday, August 14, 2012

China Glaze Wizard of Ooh Ahz Gradient

I really loved this collection.  I have since given several of them away but I am still partial to a few.  Love the shimmer in them.  Decided it would be perfect for a gradient.  I chose China Glaze C-C-Courage and Good Witch.  Then I stamped on top with Cheeky 12 using Konad White.

I wanted to add a few general statements here of things that you may or may not find interesting.  I like to learn things about bloggers I follow, so I figure I would share a bit of what is on my mind.  Briefly of course because I am not long winded.

1) I do not use photo shop.  It is way to expensive and beyond my scope of ability.  I use Picmonkey and only to crop and add a watermark.  Love me or leave me.....warts, hangnails and all.

2) I do not accept free products from anyone.  I do this purely as a hobby.  I will never change my opinion on this.  I have no beef with anyone else who does or who uses blogging to supplement their income.  More power to them.  It just isn't for me. 

3) I hate Blogger for automatically forcing new bloggers to use identity verification codes when followers comment.  PLEASE, PLEASE, if you are a new blogger, check your settings.  Unless you remove this setting, you are tormenting all of your followers by making them type in those stupid anti-words.  And now they have added some stupid thing that looks like the numbers on the side of your house and was taken by a bad photographer.  I like to comment on blogs but do it from an ipad.  It AUTO-CORRECTS EVERYTHING!!!!!  If you keep it on, you may lose comments that you deserve to have and enjoy.

4) I don't comment on all my comments.  I think it is admirable that some do but I find more value in spending that time commenting on other blogs.  I LOVE all of the comments people leave.  I cherish every one of them.  If you ask me a question, I will always respond.  I just want to spend my free time painting my nails, blogging and following all of yours.

Thanks again for following.  I am coming close to 300 followers and am planning a giveaway.  I was thinking the new Cheeky stamping plates but worried that may not be a good giveaway if most of you don't stamp.  Opinions?????


  1. Very pretty! I'm loving your gradient :)

  2. Wow love the gradient! And I'm for the cheeky plates!

  3. I love the mani, it's very pretty. :)
    Thanks for the extra bonus info. I totally agree about the verification codes. The words are often unreadable, making people guess what the heck it's supposed to be >:|

  4. Word verification is terrible, I hate tat too, and most don't even know it's on...
    I love your stamping mani!
    It's your blog, you should choose what YOU think is right for the giveaway :)

    1. I loathe that verification system from the iPhone. Not only do you get auto-correct but if you are viewing in landscape, then you can't see the code properly. And if you scroll back up you have to go out of the comment box and back in to get it to work.

      I also need to click the refresh icon a couple of times to try to get a verification code that I can try to work out.

  5. Definitely with you on the verification codes. Sometimes I'll write a comment and then when that comes up I just can't be doing with it and leave the page. Very pretty mani - both those polishes are stunning. I should definitely make more use of my stamping stuff!

  6. I agree with you completely Sue. I had absolutely no idea about word verification until you told me! It is so annoying to have to figure it out. I haven't seen much of the cheeky plates, mostly bundle monster and konad. The colors are beautiful! I love the stamped image too.

  7. looks gorgeous <3
    please check out my last nail art :) http://konadnails.blogspot.ro

  8. awesome manicure, you were right, that polish is so good for gradient :-D
    thanks for sharing these information with us... as for giveaway, if you're gonna do it, do it your way ;-D

  9. love this manicure and i loveeeed this post! :) <3

  10. *shifty eyes* I am one of those new bloggers guilty of not checking the settings of the word verification. It even took me four days after reading and commenting on this post to check mine. *blush* I have now FIXED it. Thank you Sue. :)

    When you did the gradient for this manicure, did you sponge it on or freehand it? I am afraid I am a very poor freehander. So smooth and glorious to look at. I guess that is the reason why I am one of your followers. :)

  11. I tried my first go at stamping last week and it didn't turn out like that for me :( I think the polish I used was too thin x
    Island Girl Insights ♥