Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer-Inspired by my house

I definitely took the easy way out here.  I have not really been stamping much and this was really a no brainer.  My house....or at least my living room and all safari.  I love animal print and going on a safari is a priority on my bucket list.  So I recreated my house on my nails.  I used Enchanted Austin Powers and stamped with some Avon polish that is brown (that helps a lot right)?  I also can't remember the plate I used but it's not too tough to find animal print.  There is at least one plate in each collection.

Austin Powers is super HOLO!!!!  Take a look in the sun. Notice anything??? My ring finger nail broke in between pictures.  :(

And, here are some pics of inspirations in my house.  First is my wall border and the second are my elephants on the mantle.

Here are the challenge items......