Sunday, May 6, 2012

ASBMF #13-Newspaper Gal

Another first for me.  Never have I transferred newsprint onto my nails.  Many times I have transferred it onto silly putty but that was many, many years ago.  I choose to use Revlon's Charming as my base color.  I guess I thought it would go nice with the newsprint.  I think it looked pretty good.

If I did it again, it would come out much better since I was learning as I went along.  I really wanted to do a few nails over but I didn't have time to repaint them.  As I was writing this blog post, it occurred to me that I probably could have just wiped the lettering off with rubbing alcohol and redid them but it is too late now.  The fun part of this challenge for me?  I used the classified ads.  More specifically, a classified ad that I wrote and submitted for an employment at my agency where I work.  You can just about see the name of my agency on the thumb.  That really made my day.  I don't think I will be doing this technique again but I am glad I know about it because I have shared it with tons of mom's at my work.  I am sure they will be trying it out at home with their kids and I just think that is the best!!!!

This challenge was created by the lovely Hannah from Polished Prisms. You can check out the group's facebook page to see all the designs in one spot but please take the time to see what the other ladies have done along with their blogs here also...........


  1. beautiful, mine has a darker base but it was fun and so easy doing it!

  2. I keep meaning to buy a paper to try this with! I read somewhere about flipping text images in photoshop and then printing them so that way it's readable on the nail.

  3. I love that this is over a lilac color! Pretty!

  4. This would look great with a gold antique design over the top.. Or maybe vintage roses!