Sunday, May 20, 2012


Thanks to my good friends at Nailpocalypse and Rainbow Nails, I have been awarded multiple times.  They are both amazing and I love following their blogs also it truly could not have come from two kinder and more talented people.  I spent quite some time deciding on my own nominations and I will get to them at the end but first, the awards.....

The rules for this award are -

1- Thank the person who gave you the award; with their blog link in your post.
2- Answer the following 4 questions.
3- Give the blogger appreciation award to other bloggers.
4- Let the bloggers know you awarded them.

The Questions are -
1. How long have you been blogging?
I started this blog on February 20, 2012

2. What are the 1-2 reasons why you started blogging?
I had finally stopped biting my nails and started getting into painting them for the first time really.  I didn't even know what a blog was so I googled it and found blogger.  I had no idea what to blog about and since I had just started painting my nails, I thought, why not?
3. What types of blogs do you like to follow/read?
Nail art blogs mostly. I try to steer clear of food blogs because they make me hungry.

4. What is one thing you would like to improve as a blogger/ on your blog?
I feel like I improve every day and the truth is that the blogging community just makes me better.

1- Post the link to who gave you the award.
2- Answer the questions.
3- Share 7 random things about yourself. 
4- Pass it on to 10 bloggers and inform them.

The Questions are -
1. Favourite song?
Changes minute to minute but right now it's Some Nights by Fun.  Though I love me some Adele anytime!!!
2. Favourite Dessert?
Pixie sticks or cotton candy....or maybe rock candy.  Anything pure can keep the chocolate.

3. What drives me insane?
Being late.  Hate it!!!!
4. When I'm mad?
At what??  I guess it depends on who or what is the target. 
5. Favourite pet?
Pugs, pugs and more pugs.
6. Black or White?
Yes, depending on the occasion.
7. Biggest Fear?
OK, can't even write it because then it may come true.
8. My daily attitude?
One day at a time.

9. Whats perfect?
A nice cool breeze on a summer day on my patio with a frozen drink and the pugs.
10. Guilty pleasure?
Nail Polish.....and LOTS of it.
Seven random things about myself:
1) I love snorkeling and scuba diving and have gone on shark dives
2) I love to cook but hate to clean up so I don't do it often
3) I have a brother who is an emergency room doctor...we are all so proud
4) I have little patience to sit through a movie or read a book
5) I don't balance my own checkbook...those people at the bank know what they are doing
6) I am in the midst of looking at new cars because I need one
7) I have severe claustrophobia.

The Liebster Award is meant to support blogs with 300 or less followers. Can can be given to any blogger you wish who meets that criteria. 

Pass on the award to other bloggers:
I believe Sunshine Blog Award is the prize awarded to “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”.
So, in the interest of making this simple, I am passing all four awards on to the following bloggers.  Now, for the record, if you are not into this award thing and want to ignore it....go right ahead.  You will not offend me in the least.  It is not for everybody and that is totally cool.  I like to share more about myself and I like to acknowledge other bloggers who do good things.  So here are my nominations:
Sarah from All this Polish.  She does such perfect, clean work.  I am always amazed.  She participated in the April Showers bring May Flowers Challenge and the April Showers mani was amazing. 
Alyson from Beads.Nails.Food. She finally caved and started a blog.  You should all be grateful.  Now quick go and check out the link and pin the butterfly picture so you will not be the only one left on Pinterest without it.
Jem at Brush up and Polish. What can I say?  It is Shellac that made my nails get longer and prevented me from biting them.  Buying my own CND light put me on the right path and Jem taught me you can actually mix the two together.  If you are a gel person...check her stuff out.
Caitt from Caitt's Nails.  I am hoping that companies latch on to her because she is a fantastic swatcher.  I really cared more about design when I started out but over time I am learning that the reviews of polish are invaluable so you don't waste good money on items that don't present like they do in the bottle.  Caitt gives a great review and her blog has convinced me to make a purchase or two.
Ryan from Dream a Little Dream of Polish.  You literally need to stop reading for a minute and check out her blog.  AMAZING.  Love the inspiration pictures.  She is great at photo processing.  I literally can't wait to see what she comes up with next.
Erin and "Riley" from Erin's Beauty Bumbles.  This link to her gradient nails is fantastic.  She is a dog lover, you can tell immediately from her banner and she is super supportive of the blogging community. 
Jewli from Fanning the Fumes. She does some really cool freehand flowers and I am in love with her profile pic on her blog.  Another dog lover.  Yeah!!!!
Tess from Football and Fingernails.  Tess also did the ASBMF's Challenge and offers some great mani's.  The link here was for her spun sugar design that I LOVE.  She is super sweet and you should check her out.
Margaret from Holy Manicures. I could not have come up with a better name because Holy Crap her stuff is good.  She is going to be someone to watch.  AMAZING!!!  Hard to pick just one thing to link to.  And....her profile says she is 18.  I didn't not have a tenth of her talent at 18.  I still don't.
Brianna from Welcome to Brianna's World.  Brianna has to be the single most kindest, sweetest person on the planet.  If I post something that I know sucks and I will not get much in the way of comments...Brianna always finds something nice to say.  You have to check her out and show your support because she will pay it forward ten fold. 


  1. OMG Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for nominating me and for saying such freakin sweet songs about me & my blog! u are a dang sweetheart! love it!

  2. **SUCH SWEET THINGS ;D hahaha typo

  3. aw thank you so much! very sweet!

  4. ooooh i'm up there too! :) thanks sue!!

  5. Wow so many awesome blogs! Just followed pretty much all of them - thanks for the recommendations!

  6. I love finding new blogs and man you found some winners!

  7. wow thats alot of awards great job on blogging hun

  8. Awww Thank You!! :) That's so sweet!

  9. congrats on all these awards :-D

  10. Congrats on the awards Sue. Loved reading your answers.