Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gelish Ali Baba's Sim Sala Bim

The names of the polishes in the gelish Aurora Effects Collection are super strange.  I purchased this basically because of the photo.  This was back before I actually bought on Amazon and scoured the reviews prior to making my purchase.  This is what the photo looks like on the advertisement....
Looks great. Gelish recommended this polish to be used over another base to get a different "effect".  However, when I looked at the color in the bottle, I thought it looked great on it's own.  I figured it was light on the sparkle and thin on the tint but I could just put on multiple coats and it would look great.  Not really..........

It actually looked almost like dirty water.....with a little bit of sparkle.  I really hated it by itself.  I stamped over the top to hide it and I liked that look enough to make it through about 7 days.  Maybe if I get some time and want a nail painting break, I will try it again over another color.


  1. It still is a pretty color. Maybe you should try it over a white or black to make it less dirty.

  2. I've never used Gelish or any kind of gel for that matter, how do you like it compared to normal polish?

    1. It's great if your nails break or chip a lot and you want to grow them out, or if you want a break from painting your nails but want them to look polished. Sometimes I use Gelish base coat and top coat in clear and just switch up the polish daily using non acetone remover in between.

  3. so, there's some different between the picture and the content ;-D
    but with the stamping you totally save the manicure, i like it :-D

  4. I like this. I can see how it'd be a little sheer on its own. can't wait to see what you layer it with next time when you decide to wear it again.

  5. I never heard about this, but i kinda of like the finish and colour... tastes! lol ***

  6. I'm with you with thinking that it looks a bit dirty or murky, but the sparkle is still pretty! A commenter above said it might look good over black or white and I think so too!