Thursday, May 10, 2012

Matching Nails & Tops-Monday/Green

I threw my back out last week and so I have been pretty much confined to my home.  I can barely get in and out of a car because sitting is most painful.  I still have managed to go to work (mainly because I can walk there) but when I come home....boredom hits.  No nail art for me, or limited amounts because I prety much have to lie down while doing it.  So, this week, I painted my nails every night since I nothing else to do.  I posted on this mani earlier in the week that I did using Butter London's Dosh.  I did it purposely to match a shirt I was going to wear the next day.  I then continued this trend every day so far this week.  The thought never occurred to me to photo the blouse as the inspiration and post them together until this morning.....

 I was reading a post by Jackie from Mema's Manis and she did a cute stamping design.  Now, that's nothing new, she does regular posts of cute stamping mani's.  However, this time she ended with saying that she was matching her scrub top she planned on wearing the next day.  That left me to wonder......what does the scrub top look like?

It was then I decided to do this series.  I tend to purchase a lot of poly-spandex shirts and patterns.  My standard "uniform" is black pants with a patterned top.  I hate nylons and ironing.  So here is another look at the Butter London I already posted with the shirt that was the inspiration.  Thanks Jackie!!!  I will try and squeeze in Tuesday's when I get home today but I still have to take pictures of the blouse.


  1. Very awesome mani. Love this color. I don't like that much green polish but am liking this color.

  2. oh dear, hope your back heals soon <3