Saturday, April 14, 2012

ASBMF Challenge- #4 April Showers + Award

Here we are at item #4 on Hannah's list. April Showers, can I just say that I really spent quite a bit of time thinking and over-thinking this.  I tried a whole look with umbrellas and long tinsel for rain but it came out looking like a third grader might have painted it in art class.  I will show you my attempt in a small photo at the end of this blog.  If nothing else, someone with better art skills could use it for inspiration.  So......what I ended up with, I still don't like but I surrender.  It is what you and I are stuck with.

I am totally in love with Sally Hansen's Ice Queen.  Love the purple and blue glitters.  It does remind me of rain.  This was definiely my least favorite so far.  The others challenged my skills and forced me to try new things.  This challenged my brain can see where that turns out.

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Now, I wanted to say a big thank you to Anna from Anna's Dope Blog for giving me the one lovely blog award.

This award asks you to list 7 things about yourself and then asks you to nominate 15 people for this award.  I will list some things about me because I love to read about other people when they do the same but I am not going to tag people specifically because I had mixed reactions the last time I did this.  Some people were pleasant but you can tell were annoyed at receiving a tag for it. Others didn't even acknowledge it at all.  It does involve quite a bit of work and not everyone has the award on their page so you may be giving it to someone for the 100th time.  Truthfully, I follow 174 blogs.  I think they are ALL equally lovely!!!

OK so 7 things.....

1) I ride a motorcycle.

2) I scuba dive and have done more than one shark dive.

3) I am addicted to reality TV (social worker by trade...perfect fit).

4) I am obsessed with pugs. 

5) I love working with the elderly.

6) My brother is an emergency room doctor.  Apparently we were both destined for healthcare.

7) I love sushi.

OK, back to my peek at the first try for April showers.....ready?

I made it very small so you can't see the hideous details.......
I tried to make it look like it wasn't raining under the umbrellas....