Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Challenge-Fruit and Dots

Just got home from spending the weekend in NYC with my cousins.  Had a fantastic weekend, beautiful weather.  Finally got to see the 9/11 memorial.  Amazing thing to witness live.  The videos I have seen just do not do it justice.  Great food and great those NYC bagels.  So, right off the train, I started next item on the Spring Challenge is due today.  No idea what I was going to do. Finally decided on bright colors.  I am in love with this combination.

There is just something about orange and pink together that I love.  I used China Glaze, Rich & Famous and Sun Worshiper. 

 My only regret is that I would have used a larger size dotting tool for the dots.  Other than that, I am really happy with the outcome.  Now I need to go and take a nap.  Two straight days of walking all over the city is exhusting. 

The Spring Challenge is being hosted by Mateja at Purple Glitters. You can read more about her VERY creative challenge and the rules here.

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  1. These are so adorable!! I may recreate these after the challenge just cause I love orange and pink and I have some orange fimo slices to use up. Great job! (Also as a native New Yorker I can sympathize with a lot of walking lol)

  2. The colors are so pretty,and your dots are very well done!

  3. I love the orange with the pink dots! You're right: the combination is great!

  4. That is super cute! Love the color combo and the little slice of orange!

  5. This looks so nice! Now I am craving for oranges :)

  6. Great colour combination! It looks really juicy =)

  7. That looks really great!

  8. Ehehe so cute!!! I love this! :D I lurve fimo citrus slices!

  9. Great challenge and this is soo colorful I like it.

  10. Love this mani...great color combo...looks amazing! Gland I found your blog. You have great nail art. I look for to more greatness ;)

    BTW, I read in one of your posts that you were in NYC and you love the bagels there. Have you ever had the hard rolls with butter? die for...also the NY and NJ have the *best* pizza. I miss hard rolls and pizza from up north! They do not make them like that in Florida :(