Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Challenge-Flowers and Stripes

This is my second post for the Spring Challenge that is being hosted by Mateja at Purple Glitters. You can read more about her VERY creative challenge and the rules here.  For this post entitled flowers and stripes, I chose to use the color combination of blue and purple.  Once a color combination is chosen for a particular challenge item, it can't be used again.  So, you have to plan wisely.  I think it was a great color combination.

I used Cerulean Seascape from Finger Paints for the tips and striped it with Milani's Violet Dash.  A few dots in Color Club White and a finishing ouch of a flower to tie it all together.  I really love the final product.  I just adore these colors together.  The official post date is the 18th but I will not have time tomorrow, so I am getting it done now.

Please stop over to see what the other ladies who are in the challenge are doing tomorrow...

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I think I got everyone, if a link doesn't work, I got a name wrong, or if you want me to add your name in where there isn't one, let me know.  


  1. I love this Sue! I have a bunch of these fimo flowers too and have no clue what to do with them so thanks for giving me an idea :-) Love the color combo as well, very shabby chic!

  2. Gor-juss girl. Great color choices. I'm not usually into flower manis, but this one is just brilliant!

  3. That's totally cute! I really like how it came out.

  4. These are so fun and pretty like a garden party. Love it!

  5. i'm speechless. This is so beautiful.

  6. So precise, I love that manicure!

  7. I love me a fancy french, great job!

  8. awesome french, lovely manicure :-D

  9. This is so incredibly cute and beautiful!! :D You did such a wonderful job!

  10. I love those flowers.I was going to use them for my flowers and stripes too.GMTA! :-)

    1. I guess we do both have a great mind. Haven't seen yours yet.

  11. What a lovely design! Love the flowers! :D

    ~ Yun

  12. It looks really pretty=)!
    I never tried fimo canes, but I have them for more than I year now. I think it's about time to put them on =)

  13. Wow, your nails are gorgeous. I will follow your blog for sure because it is verry creative and I like it a lot. to visit I invite you to visit mine too: http://roxyro.blogspot.ro. I am also in love with nails. Kisses.