Sunday, April 15, 2012


Lindsey over at The Neverland Nail Blog is having a nail art contest called Do you believe in Magic?  You can read more about the rules here.  Now, I have to admit.  It isn't my favorite topic.  Not really into fairies and magic.  I told a friend about it and she suggested I do Fantasia from Disney.  Loved the idea.  I am not that great at drawing so I tried to display the power of magic in other ways using very noticeable references from the film.  The hat, wand and glitter for the "magic" of course.

What is always amazing to me is that you can buy the best quality brush and just take it out of the box and there is always that stray piece that is either going in it's own direction or longer than the rest by a smidge. 

Of course, my favorite is the hat with Mickey's ears attached.  I was going to do something with the brooms and buckets but I have zero colors in the brown and gold family with the exception of a few metallics which probably would not work well here.