Sunday, April 15, 2012

ASBMF Challenge- #5-Rainbow...Fuzzy that is

Next up on the challenge was a rainbow after the rain.  Ever since I saw Christina at Let Them Have Polish do fuzzy chick nails for easter, I had to run out and buy some flocking.  I have seen it done more recently and someone had gone into great detail explaining how you can still wash your hands and everything without disturbing the fuzz.  I LOVED the idea!!!!  But how could I use it in any of the challenges I am doing?  I know....use all the colors of he rainbow!!!! 
Well, not ALL the colors, and I did struggle with how to do ROY G BIV using only one hand to get everything in.  Well, the store had no Indigo flocking so that brought me down to six.  I decided, after much thought and discussion with the controller at work who is a CPA, there is no simple way to do this.  I had to just abandon purple.  Why you ask?  It is my favorite color and I already have another idea rolling around in my head to use it on it's own.  Now, the flocking can be bought at any craft supply store and usually comes in plastic tubs or small glass vials like this.....

I painted a base coat in each color and then just dusted the nails with each vial of flocking powder and blew it off when I was done.  The result....It actually feels like velvet.  Can't stop touching it. 

You can see it is really fuzzy.  I am in love with it.  I may do red white and blue for 4th of July.  Or maybe velvet isn't appropriate for summer????

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